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High school and college students need guidance to identify
potential occupations and majors. These choices are likely to
have a greater impact on their lives than almost any other
decision they will make over the next several years.

When making such decisions they should have access to...
~ Relevant occupational information
~ The best possible data about themselves
~ Professional insight and advice to help direct their next steps

Career counseling for students can begin as early as eighth or
ninth grade. Getting started early has the advantage of
establishing some foundational thinking in your student
concerning who they are, their education and the world of work.
It will also help them approach the choices they will be making
during high school with greater focus and purpose.

For juniors and seniors, career counseling provides valuable
direction for their college and career exploration. The feedback
and affirmation they receive will instill greater confidence in both
you and them as they move toward their future.

Direction 4 Life Work has four levels of service for students to
provide both you and them with the guidance needed to be
intentional and successful in planning for their future. We are
here to help students  find their way in the constantly evolving
world of today and tomorrow’s work.
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Career counseling for
high school students is
especially helpful in...
Identifying and confirming
career or college major
Exploring career options
with non-college bound
Coaching at-risk students
Assessing educational goals
and well-suited colleges
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