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Dave mentors the whole person by looking at all aspects of his or
her life. Dave helped me see my potential and set clear goals for
myself. He gave me confidence and encouragement as I
processed where I had been and where I wanted to go. He was
able to help me focus in on what my dream is and how to make it
come alive. Dave’s counseling was an extremely valuable
My personal connection with Dave’s wisdom and the use of the
Myers-Briggs was a good combination.  His use of the Myers-
Briggs gave me a more in-depth understanding of my strengths as
well as associated weakness that can come with those strengths.  
This gave me a better sense of how to approach relationships with
challenging people and situations. He has a great deal of insight
and understanding which was very helpful to me.  He understood
“my world” and provided very practical and relevant guidance in
helping me sort out how to be more effective in my “team”
Dave’s consultation has been immensely valuable at this point in
my life journey.  Because of his rich personal experience he was
able to enter my world and provide insights pertinent to my
situation.  I felt understood and safe with Dave. I feel that Dave has
helped to give directions in pursuing the God-given dreams for my
future.  I would recommend Dave’s service to everyone in any
stage of their life.
It was a great pleasure meeting with Dave. I am grateful for his
earnest concern for our future and his honesty and sincerity in
giving feedback. I appreciated his insights and intuitive sense of
how he thought God may be leading and working in my life. I found
working with him encouraging and stimulating. He helped me think
“outside the box”. He brings an authenticity, transparency, warmth
and professionalism to his calling.
I found my sessions with Dave to be very helpful.  He is a very good
listener and asked good questions to help me understand my past
experiences, giftedness and future desires.  Overall the process
was affirming and encouraging that I was on the right path, but
Dave also challenged me to broaden my horizons and pursue other
goals that I wouldn't have naturally considered.  
The process of meeting with Dave was wonderful.  Dave asks
great questions and synthesizes information quickly. Dave helped
me to understand my passions, desires, and strengths in a very
clear way.
Dave has been a tremendous asset in my journey. His probing
questions, listening ear and expert experience has been
tremendous! I have found him warm, understanding and genuine. I
have benefited the most from his experience as a person who
understands the issues & challenges of mid-life transitions.
Dave is excellent at what he does.  He is authentic and established
an immediate repoire with me by listening well and sharing from
his own life experiences.  Dave is a wonderful listener and he asks
helpful questions. I feel hopeful again and am looking forward to a
new adventure in my life.
I really looked forward to our first meeting because I felt that God
was speaking to my heart that I needed some wise counsel in
helping me make sense of the tangled feelings I was having about
my life.  Even though he uses a clearly defined structured process,
his ability to connect heart to heart really helped me feel like I was
talking with a trusted friend. Because he was relational and
personal I felt like my search for greater clarity, understanding and
direction was his goal as well.  I really felt like he cared.
In a word, I’d have to say the most significant benefit for me was
confidence.  My intent in all of this was to gather the wisdom of
trusted counsel to help me sort through a whole maze of
disconnected thoughts.  Dave provided that for me and I am very