“During our conversations,
a number of light bulbs
came on.  I can
honestly say that I left
the experience with new
vision and excitement
about my future as well
some practical steps.”  
Copyright 2005 Direction 4 Life Work

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Who is customized career counseling designed for?
Customized career counseling may be right for you if you are facing any one of a number of unique situations or

These might include:

Processing the grief and fallout brought on by job loss
Discerning a wise course of action when facing specific career decisions
Gaining unbiased perspective on various career opportunities
Acquiring increased understanding when faced with workplace conflict or problems
Analyzing general or specific thoughts and feelings concerning life work issues
Receiving guidance or feedback for improving job search strategies

If you identify with some of these situations you will probably benefit most from receiving a more flexible, dynamic form of support.

This is especially the case if your career transition happened as a result of a difficult separation. The traumatic
experience of a layoff, dismissal or reassignment will create a need to deal with issues of grief, anger, trust and
confusion. In most of these cases it is essential that you be supported and validated through the grief process.
For many, this will become the essential starting point that must precede the future oriented process of career
exploration and direction. Customized career counseling may also be the best approach if you are confident that
you know yourself well. You may already have a clear sense of who you are or what you want to do but desire
career coaching to serve as a sounding board or help you develop a strategy of how to get to where you want to

What you can expect to receive?

Through customized career counseling you will receive personalized, one-on-one coaching on the specific issues
that are important to you. This may take the form of personal support and counsel, guided reflection or profitable
assignments, as well as relevant instruction and feedback.

By participating in customized career counseling you will be confident that you have an unbiased advocate who
will take the time to get to know you and your needs. You will have ready access to someone who is committed to
helping facilitate health, growth and progress in whatever situation you find yourself. And as a result you will be
able to move ahead in your life work with greater confidence and assurance.

What is the price?

$100 per session