“Dave met with me to process
"mid-life" career issues.  

Questions like, "Is this all there
is?" "Is this what I'm made for?"  
"Am I really meant to do this the
rest of my life?"  

He helped me wrestle with not
only questions of my vocational
and personality aptitudes, using
well-established tests, but also
of my dreams, desires, and
understanding of God's design
and purpose.”
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Welcome to Direction 4 Life Work

Perhaps you're confused about your life-work.

Maybe you are getting some warning signs that you're
headed in a direction that’s not a good fit.

Maybe you're a mom who has stepped out of a career to
concentrate on your family and is ready to return to the

Some of you just want a career “checkup”: You want to
know whether you’re working in a field or role that suits
you well.

Of course you may be like many who have left a job and are
needing direction for life work.

If you are concerned about your career future you realize
the significant challenges and choices you're facing in your
own life work. The time, money and energy you will expend
as a result of your career choice make it one of the biggest
decisions you will face. Your life work powerfully shapes
the kind of person you will become and the kind of life you
will ultimately live.

Direction 4 Life Work is here to provide the understanding,
guidance and assurance you need to be intentional about
your future. Let us help you in whatever way we can to find
your way in the constantly evolving world of today and
tomorrow’s work.
Copyright 2005 Direction 4 Life Work

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The Opt Out Revolt
“As never before, workers are searching
for a life that is richer, more balanced,
authentic, and challenging. And when
they find that their needs can’t be met in
the traditional workplace, they are taking
control and walking away. Women and
men are becoming “New Careerists” and
are blazing trails and redesigning the
corporate landscape. These modern-day
trailblazers are creating “Kaleidoscope
Careers” —  defined by personal needs,
life values, and a new 21st-century
definition of success — inside and out of
traditional corporate boundaries. “