“Little did I know that
walking into that meeting
would reveal so much about
myself, and my potential.  
As a student I never thought
that some of the rather
"hidden" dreams and
talents would really mean
much, but seeing it on
paper has opened my eyes.  
It helped me look
at my education with more
Copyright 2005 Direction 4 Life Work

The Life Work Mission and Vision Map
The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator   Sample Myers-Briggs Career Report
The Strong Interest Inventory          Sample College Report
The Skills Confidence Inventory

An introductory session to begin your Life Work Mission and Vision Map as well as
clarify personal interests, work history, goals and questions
A second session providing a personalized interpretation of the Myers-Briggs Type
A third session providing a personalized interpretation of the Strong Interest Inventory
and Skill Confidence Inventory
A fourth session taking place either after making college visits but before their final
decision or during their freshman or sophomore year as they prepare to declare a

Three customized interpretive reports summarizing key findings from the Myers-Briggs
Type Indicator, Strong Interest Inventory and the Skills Confidence Inventory. These will
Suggestions to help guide them in their college or career decision-making
Perspective on their unique preference in work tasks and work environment.
Input on developing a customized strategy to improve their college and career
Feedback that will clarify their perceived skills related to their primary interests