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Welcome to Direction 4 Life Work

At certain junctures and seasons of life many of us need some additional assistance
to move ahead personally and professionally. Life coaching is a guided process that
falls somewhere between mentoring and counseling.

Unlike mentoring, life coaching is not a one-up, one-down relationship based on
specific knowledge expertise. And unlike counseling it is not a therapeutic
relationship. Life coaching is focused on important life process issues – involving
personal and professional growth, as well as life direction decisions and strategies.

The needs and issues frequently addressed include:

•        Personal growth and development
•        Relational challenges and opportunities in both family and work
•        Strategies and perspectives in navigating conflict and its fallout
•        Executive coaching in leadership challenges or decisions
•        Organizational improvement issues

Many are helped initially by using a simple diagnostic tool known as The Wheel of
Life. Just as a physical wheel would move most effectively with equally balanced
spokes to support the rim, so our live’s move with grace and focus as the various
aspects of our lives are in balance.

With over 25 years of experience in helping people navigate their personal and
vocational challenges with grace and intention, I would be honored to be part of
“rebalancing” your world as you address your life’s journey.

Price:  $100 per session
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