"Processing through my personality,
preferences, and job possibilities
provided some timely clarification
about my current job; it affirmed
that I want to make a change.  
Knowing that I need and want to
make a change, has allowed me
freedom to think about other
career choices but also freedom to
pursue some other of my interests,
such as family, friends, church, and
other pleasures.  It was a very
helpful experience!”
Copyright 2005 Direction 4 Life Work

The Life Work Mission and Vision Map
The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator                 Sample Career Report
The Strong Interest Inventory                        Sample Report
The Skills Confidence Inventory

An introductory session to begin your Life Work Mission and Vision Map as
well as clarify personal interests, work history, goals and questions
A second session providing a personalized interpretation of the Myers-Briggs
Type Indicator
A third session providing a personalized interpretation of the Strong Interest
Inventory and Skills Confidence Inventory
A fourth session providing feedback and perspective after you finalize your
personal career research and prepare to move forward

Three customized interpretive reports summarizing key findings from the
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Strong Interest Inventory and the Skills
Confidence Inventory. These will include:  
Suggestions to help guide you in your career decision-making process
Perspective on your unique preference in work tasks and work
Input on developing a customized strategy to improve your career
exploration and development
Feedback that will clarify your perceived skills related to your primary

Menu of Available Services
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Level Two
Level Three