Question: I see that you offer three levels of service, how do I decide which one’s best for me?

Answer: I prefer to offer Level Two or Level Three to most people. Here’s why:

For many people this may be the only time they will seek out career development advice. If you decide
to invest valuable time, energy and money it makes sense to maximize the experience. Bottom-line, the
more information I’m able to provide you with, the fuller picture you can expect to receive about
yourself and your life work options. The rich combination of understanding both your personality and
your interests is extremely useful in charting your future course.

Career development, also, is more a process than an event. There’s just no quick substitute for having
the extra time to sit down and dialogue on the issues. Because it is process oriented, it takes some time
for the significance and relevance of these insights to unfold and take shape.

I am personally committed to providing you with the highest level of career counseling. Some career
counselors will meet with you one time, tell you exactly what they think you should be doing from your
career assessment results and then want to leave you with the impression that they have given you
good career advice; I personally don’t take that approach. I’m committed to quality, not high volume.
And quality requires more relational engagement, more investment and more time.

Question: How do you administer the assessments you use?

Answer: After you decide which level of service you’d like, I will direct you to a link where you will take your
online assessments. The two instruments I prefer are the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Strong Interest
Inventory. The two should take you about an hour to complete.

Question: Where do we meet?

Answer: I’ve found that the more relaxed and informal our times, the more at ease most people tend to be.
You know what suits you best. That's why I’ve chosen to offer more than one option for my clients. I'm
available to meet either at my office in Fishers, a coffee shop or restaurant, or in your home.

Question: As a parent, should I sit in on my son or daughter’s sessions or not?

Answer: My preference is to meet with them alone during our first session. I’ve found that most kids are more
open and the dialogue is less complex if it’s just the two of us initially. However, you know your son or
daughter far better than I do, so I leave the final decision to you.

During the interpretive sessions, however, I think it is very valuable for parents to sit in and listen. Either
way, you will receive a detailed written report from me. I also make myself completely available to you for
follow-up discussions by phone if you'd like to talk more about anything.

Question: When is payment expected for your services?

Answer: I will need a $100 deposit to begin the process. After I receive your deposit you will be sent online
instructions for the appropriate career assessments. Payments can be made online with a credit card or by
check made payable to "Direction 4 Life Work" and mailed to:

    Direction 4 Life Work
    10890 Cody Lane
    Fishers, IN 46038

The remaining balance will be payable at the first session.
Copyright 2005 Direction 4 Life Work