Dave Booram
Career Counselor
10890 Cody Lane
Fishers, IN 46038
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    My name is Dave Booram. I am a Career Counselor, Life Coach and founder of
    Direction 4 Life Work. From the beginning my vision was to create
    individualized experiences for my clients through a relational process that
    empowers them to discover a well-suited career.

    My professional history of working with students on college campuses, as
    well as serving in positions of human resource management and senior  
    leadership in a number of large, complex organizations provides me with a
    wide array of perspectives from which I draw.

    Also, my personal experience as a father of four young adults along with
    twenty-five years of counseling students and adults in their personal,
    professional and spiritual lives has developed in me a unique sensitivity and
    insight into the diverse capacities of each individual I counsel.

    I am a graduate of both Indiana University and Trinity Seminary where I hold a
    BA in Business Administration and a Masters of Divinity. I am a licensed
    administrator of proven standardized assessments such as the Myers-Briggs
    Type Indicator and the Strong Interest Inventory.